A Guide to saving your online poker bankroll

If you have been involved with live and online poker, then you will know that playing the game online requires a certain amount of control and discipline that is not found in live poker. It would be best if you also remembered never to overestimate your bank roll and underestimate your fellow players. Play smart and be cautious with your strategy. When you get comfortable with the concept of online poker, you can visit sites like daftar poker online and engage in a good poker game.

Avoid Monitoring Your Poker Balance

If you are following the basic rule of having a legit bankroll, then you are in the minimal-risk zone of running out of money. You play poker with essential like poker chips and not actual cash; you can’t think of it as money when you are playing the game as it is mostly irrelevant. On the whole, it is pretty easy to check the balance of your online bankroll; it is as easy as clicking a button. Hence, you are vulnerable and will quickly fall into the trap of micromanaging your online poker account.

When you have a winning streak going on, and you check your balance, then you will feel pretty good because of the money you have won; the number is rising and so are your spirits. However, don’t let your good fortune get to your head, because it only takes a beat to get the increasing number to go down, and if you are still intent on checking your bankroll all the time then noticing the number can make you feel bad.

This is where you will want it to be back to the original, high number that made you feel like a success and a winner, and you want it to happen fast. Once that thought begins to manifest in your head you will start to chase your losses, and you will begin to forcing your play to where you assume you should be. This is the first step to self-annihilation in the online poker world.

Usually in poker, making any money can be a slow process but losing money can happen at the drop of a hat. If you keep monitoring your balance, you will be extremely disheartened with the results of a poor play. You will keep having thoughts like “a week’s worth of efforts gone to waste.” Alternatively, “How will I ever get back the money I lost in a short amount of time?”

Well, the only way to get back to your winning streak, or at least having positive plays is to jump limits and take a shot at the big score, but this process has a considerable risk and is the first step to being completely broke.