Cockfighting – The Ultimate Gambling Game

Cockfighting is a game where two chickens fight in an arena or circle. The chickens are potholed till one of them loses, runs or sometimes even dies. This exciting game that most people enjoy playing is usually followed by gambling. On playing this game you would never regret as there are a lot of advantages associated. By betting on the chickens you can make huge profit. Nowadays, you can also play this cockfighting bet online. This process of playing online not only gives you more access but is also very much convenient.

Play online cockfighting

Cockfighting, which is popular as Sabung Ayam in Indonesia becomes even more exciting if you play with the help of agents. This ensures that you can keep your worrier aside. There are many trusted online websites from where you play with the agent. They will help you play safely and comfortably and your data will also remain safe with these agents. On playing with the agents there are a bunch of benefits that you can avail. On playing this betting game with the agents, you can earn a lot of bonus amount from which you would be benefitted. The rule is, if you win this cockfighting bet 8 times continuously, without any draw or loss, only then you have the scope of earning the big bonus amount. One thing that you should note is, there is no loss in playing this cockfighting bet. In fact, the bigger your partner, greater are the amount of bonus you can earn. So, it would be wise to select the partner accordingly to increase your chances of winning the big bonus amount.

The different types

There are two different types of Sabung Ayam that you would generally come across namely:

  • SV388 – This is an online cockfight betting product that has been introduced by a gambling developer belonging to a Philippines company. The cockfighting game was initially held in Indonesia. Even Bali is well-known for organizing such cock fights as a tradition. Now if this gambling game interests you, then you can look for several website that have launched the online version of this popular game. SV388 is one such product. You play this online version from any of the safe and reliable sites that has got a proper license. Always look for a website which has been recommended by bettors and has a certain level of popularity.
  • S128 – S128 is another online cockfighting game which is equally attractive like its competitors, namely SV388. In this cockfighting gambling game, you can play in several bets like Sports book and Racing. It is usually a live broadcast event and not a recorded version. This is what makes the cockfighting game so popular amongst the gamblers in Indonesia. Everyday a betting event is held from morning 9am to evening 8pm. throughout this time the organizers continue to issue a rooster each with a fresh condition. For playing S128 online, the registration process is not at all a hassle. You can directly get in touch with any of the official partners of S128 and play it with safety comfortably.